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Benchmarking Your PR Campaigns: From Amateur to Pro in a Few Easy Steps

What is the real impact of a single story featuring your company in The New York Times?
Sometimes, it can be hard to tell. But by setting realistic benchmarks and using measurement tools, it’s actually very possible to make media relations a tangible and quantifiable activity.

5 Steps to an Effective 2014 Marketing Plan (From Upstart Business Journal)

One of the common reasons for business failure is the absence of a workable marketing plan. Whatever the reason — lack of time, motivation or expertise — too many early-stage companies don’t have a plan to get them where they want to be.

A 5-step Guide to Free Publicity (From Upstart Business Journal)

Public relations can seem nebulous to startup owners. Oftentimes when companies are first getting out of the gate, immediate results will trump long-term planning, overshadowing the strategic media coverage that can be key to a company’s sustained success.
Publicity is the secret weapon of successful entrepreneurs — it allows them to build trust in their product/service, increase company awareness in competitive marketplaces and—most importantly—generate sales.

Rebranding Health Insurance: Time to Ramp Up Communications (Part Three)

Today, four in ten Americans are still unaware that the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. However, we can anticipate that these numbers will start changing right before the health exchanges’ launch this fall as consumers begin paying closer attention to their health insurance options.
Needless to say, there is much work to be done before October.
It’s in the interest of insurers to help Americans understand the value of having health coverage and to get them to take action.

Rebranding Health Insurance: Changing Your Approach to Consumer Communications (Part Two)

The ACA is changing the health insurance marketplace. The industry, which by and large is considered to have a business-to-business orientation, now recognizes the need to boost its direct-to-consumer strategies in order to tap the new customers who will be forced to buy coverage by 2014.
However, health insurance brands are having difficulties selling to those customers.

Social Media and Health Care: Getting Back to Basics

Lately, it seems like the health care PR community has been largely focusing on challenges when it comes to social media.

Taking a Customer-Centric Approach to Pharma

The pharma industry will face many challenges in the coming years, from expiring patents on many blockbuster drugs to the uncertainty resulting from health care reform; not to mention the generally bad rap the industry has had for years. It’s clear that pharmaceuticals need to reinvent themselves and demonstrate the value of their brands.
Pharma can learn a thing or two from Apple and Amazon — companies that are on top of their game because they managed to build a customer and service-centric culture into their brands.

Fixing Health Care — Food for Thought

How often does a discussion turn your world upside down?

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